BUILD your business.

ENGAGE your team.

LOVE your financials.

If you understand the numbers, you can have it all. Let me show you how.




Do you desire to create a high performance team? Do you wish to discover how to read financials? I have the workshop for you.


Next level growth requires business athletes. Infrastructure, process, and accountability are a must. If you are in, I’m the gal for you.


If you’ve been in search of content from someone who has “been there, experienced that”, you’ve come to the right place.


Nikki Rohloff

Many call me a financial unicorn. I like to think of myself as a strategically creative thinker when it comes to financials, team leadership, and taxes. They don’t have to be scary and I promise I won’t be speaking Latin when I explain yours to you.

“I enjoy working with Nikki because she’s smart, she’s savvy and she’s fun. She has been a tremendous supporter of our start-up business and helped us connect with other ambassadors. Right from the beginning, I could tell that Nikki cared about people, not just numbers and business, she genuinely cares about her clients and her team members. She’s demonstrated her commitment to others and doing the right thing many times. Top notch!”

Tricia Dege – Founder and Lead Coach, Mom Mastermind

“Nikki reads numbers the way most people read words. And, better yet, she can translate them into English for those of us who lack that gift. She understands that our lives are multifaceted and she takes a holistic approach to accounting and financial planning that addresses both work and personal monetary goals.”

Liz Willard – Owner, The Pickled Beet Personal Chef

“Nikki listens, and because of it, she quickly understood my business and suggested ways I could begin growing it right away. She’s proactive in a way I’ve not experienced with other CPAs. I’ve found the best of both worlds in Nikki: she’s a numbers-minded CPA who can look outside of the box and think strategically. She goes above and beyond, ensuring all my questions are answered – including those I never knew to ask.”

Chef Deb – Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Greater than the sum of the parts, my experience and strategic thinking can help you simplify the complexity of your financials.

Whether you’re in the early stages of a startup or a global heavyweight, I can help drive your business future in the right direction.

Knowledge is power. It’s the foundation for intelligent, well-considered decisions and I can give you the tools for financial success with a high performance team.


Your business can be overwhelming… and let’s face it, intimidating. Let me help teach you an easier way.

  • Reading financials
  • Tax strategy
  • High performance team
  • Engaged employees
  • Leadership
  • Setting up process
  • Building YOUR way
  • Culture
  • Accounting 
  • Business strategy
  • Strategic decisions
  • Effective hiring 
  • Organizational effectiveness